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With the constant desire to evolve without ever imposing itself, Terre Blanche has been built on a set of measures aimed at minimising its impact on the environment, while developing biodiversity within its extraordinary ecosystem.

More than just a commercial concept, Terre Blanche is the product of a true life philosophy. The resort not only respects the environment, but also takes on a major social and economic dimension in its beautiful region.

GEO and "Silver" Label Certified. This commitment began 15 years ago and is reflected today in the GEO© Certification awarded to Terre Blanche in 2016 and the “Silver Label” awarded by the French Golf Federation as part of the Golf Programme for Biodiversity.

Terre Blanche is the story of a development inspired by a passion and a desire to share it with others without disturbing the fragile balance of nature. Prior to any work on the site, Terre Blanche conducted a phytosociological study of the site in order to identify the aquatic and wet habitats, temporary Mediterranean ponds and forest populations to define the conservation issues of the natural habitats and the rare species to be protected. These studies have made it possible to define a sustainable approach to maintain a balance between the project's commercial objectives and the preservation, or even positive development, of existing biological diversity.

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