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Luxury of the Third Millennium

Ecology, Technology, Spirituality

Marcello Murzilli: “At Eremito, the luxury I wish to offer I found it in the past times when nights were lit with only candles and the moon. Real luxury for me, now as then, is the rediscovery and appreciation for the essential, from the time by the Ocean in Mexico to this Valley”.

Eremito Brought to light in accordance with the authentic requirements of the ancient monasteries

Life experiences of the creator of Eremito:

Marcello Murzilli, in the Eighties, establishes the clothes brand “El Charro”. Later he sails around the world in a re-conditioned 1937 scottish cutter. He then settles on the Pacific coast of Mexico where he builds and runs Hotelito Desconocido for 14 years. The hotel was recognized in London as one of the top five Eco resorts in the world. Returns to Italy and in 2013 opens Eremito. A new concept in luxury tourism for Solo Traveller. Eremito is one of the first “Digital Detox” hotels in Italy.

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