Fregate Island Seychelles

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We take beautiful care of our guests and our environment. A splinter of the former supercontinent Gondwana, Fregate Island is home to many rare and exotic species from the critically endangered Wrights Gardenia to the indigenous giant tenebrionid beetle. We are dedicated to restoring the natural habitat, and literally saved the Seychelles Magpie Robin from extinction, one of our outstanding successes.

We pay assiduous attention to sustainability, around 80% of our food comes from our bountiful island. Guests are always invited to participate in the conservation projects; observing free roaming giant tortoises and exotic birds, assisting turtle hatchlings and cultivating sea coral. At Fregate Island Private we take beautiful care of our guests and our environment.

Our small island is fertile and bountiful, and we host the largest hydroponics system in the Seychelles, so anytime of year if the chef makes a wish for an ingredient it could be grown in six weeks.

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