Fregate Island Seychelles

Philosophy & sustainability

We take beautiful care of our guests and our environment. A splinter of the former supercontinent Gondwana, Fregate Island is home to many rare and exotic species from the critically endangered Wrights Gardenia to the indigenous giant tenebrionid beetle. We are dedicated to restoring the natural habitat, and literally saved the Seychelles Magpie Robin from extinction, one of our outstanding successes.


Fregate Island Private - Unique on the planet. Disappear from the world in our conservation sanctuary surrounded by sapphire seas. Fregate Island Private is a mini Galapagos in the Seychelles for the few to discover, with just 16 secluded Villas amidst three square kilometres of pristine nature. All is designed for carefree luxury in harmony with our precious environment, where villas merge with the spectacular scenery secluded in lush foliage, and infinity pools spill into the blue horizon. Our island paradise, bursting with wildlife, invites guests to immerse body and mind in nature’s beauty.


Green and peaceful private Pool Villa

Sleep at ease with sustainability, water is replenished from our own source, lotions are made with garden botanicals. Nature and luxury are comfortable bedfellows, and your Private Butler is at your service to arrange anything from watersports to night safaris. The large living room transforms into a second bedroom for two children in this spacious family residence.


We believe when you arrive on Fregate Island Private you should be able to relax entirely so we have included all dining and many activities in the room rate, along with a dedicated Private Butler to make all your arrangements.


Dining Everywhere.White linen anywhere you wish.

On Fregate Island, we invite you to dine wherever you want, it is part of enjoying complete freedom and immersing yourself in the natural surroundings.

SPA & Wellness

The Rock Spa is a shaded sanctuary, a peaceful teak house on a granite hilltop, with views across the rain forest canopy to the Indian Ocean.


With seven entirely private beaches around the island and just 16 Villas, yours can often be the sole footprints in the sand, flip the ‘Beach Occupied’ sign to ensure absolute privacy.