White Desert

2023 - 2024

White Desert & Antarctica

For centuries, the Last Continent has held a special place in our imaginations, yet even now, long after the first explorers reached the South Pole, access to the interior of Antarctica is still only for the very few.

After a five-hour flight from Cape Town, South Africa, we bring you to a place that is both surreal and majestic. From iridescent ice tunnels to vertical spires of rock, from endless horizons to oceans scattered with icebergs; this is a place unlike anywhere else on Planet Earth.


Our signature 8-day journey brings you the very best of Antarctica - a visit to an Emperor Penguin colony of over 28,000 birds and a flight to the lowest point on Earth - the Geographic South Pole.

Flying in by private jet or Airbus and with only 12 guests on each departure, we offer a bespoke service that is as luxurious as it is remarkable.

We travel in uncompromising comfort across the mighty Southern Ocean in a private aircraft. During the five-hour flight, the African night turns to the Antarctic day as we soar over thousands of icebergs and pass into 24 hours of continuous sunshine. Destination: Wolf’s Fang Runway.


Available dates for South Pole and Emperors

Nov 29 – Dec 6 2023
Dec 6 – Dec 13 2023
Dec 28 2023 – Jan 03 2024
Jan 03 – Jan 10 2024
Jan 10 – Jan 17 2024
Jan 17 – Jan 24 2024
Jan 24 – Jan 31 2024


On the edge of the Great White Continent lies the Schirmacher Oasis, an CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO OF CAMP ice-free area that contains over 100 freshwater lakes. This is the site of our unique camp - Whichaway.

Whichaway consists of a collection of hi-tech polar domes set on the shores of a frozen lake and encircled by a magnificent 60-metre (200-foot) icefall. It is warm and comfortable, and the perfect home base for daily activities or when you want to just simply relax.

Day one

We fly over thousands of icebergs on our 5-hour flight across the Southern Ocean to Antarctica. During the flight, we enter the Polar Circle and encounter the continuous daylight of the Antarctic summer.

After landing on the ancient blue ice of the runway, you will transfer to our camp at Whichaway and take a gentle hike around the Oasis.

Day two

Settle into Whichaway and do as much or as little as you like each day. Activities range from yoga, massages and gentle treks to exploring the incredible ice waves, summiting a nunatak, ice climbing and even abseiling!

On quieter days, you’ll hear talks from our polar explorer staff about some of the lesser-known history
of Antarctica and their world record-breaking expeditions.

Day three

We fly 2 hours across Antarctica, providing beautiful views of the nearby mountain ranges and coastline, before landing at the emperor penguin colony at Atka Bay. You will be among the very few who have ever witnessed such a spectacle, observing the real-life stars of March of the Penguins.

Day four

We spend the day exploring the ice waves below our camp, delving into the series of ice tunnels that are as surreal as they are beautiful.

Then you’ll be off on an Arctic Truck safari, winding your way through the snow and ice to an incredible vantage point where you can take in the panoramic view over the waves that you have just explored.

Day five

**We leave early in the morning in our Basler BT-67 aircraft, flying over stunning mountain ranges before landing at Dixie’s camp to refuel.

After a walk on the High Polar Plateau we will continue to the South Pole, where you will have plenty of time for photos and a chance to stamp your passport before flying back to Dixie’s camp and overnighting
in the great wilderness of the Plateau.

Day six

After a night under canvas, you’ll enjoy a hearty breakfast before boarding the plane once again for the flight back to Whichaway.

The flight is the perfect chance to appreciate the immense scale of Antarctica, before you return to our camp for a three-course champagne dinner to celebrate your achievement.

Day seven

An adventurous hike along a winding cliff face affords guests stunning views over pressure ridges of ice
that have been folded over millennia by the ocean.

Our world-class mountain guides will lead you on this challenging hike, ensuring your safety at all times.

Day eight

The flight out of Antarctica will be the last of your enduring memories of the great White Continent before
you dive back into the vibrant energy of Africa. You will be transferred to your hotel where you will have a chance to relax and reflect on your Antarctic adventure!