Arctic Bath



Situated under the northern lights in winter, and the midnight sun during the summer months, Arctic Bath is a unique hotel and spa experience that welcomes guests to immerse themselves in the elements while leaving a minimal environmental footprint behind.

Opening on November 21 for the winter season thru to April 10. 


Together with our spa and wellness facility, staying at Arctic Bath is not only a full experience – it is the main attraction.

At Arctic Bath, each room has been thoughtfully designed with a high level of comfort and luxury in mind, while keeping with our overall wellness focus.


Arctic Bath land cabin

A 62 m2 cabin for 5 persons, with a spiral staircase leading to a loft. The cabin is elevated on poles and situated on the shore among vegetation connected by walkways. The 8 m2 deck offers a place for meditation, morning coffee or just relax.


Local, pure and sustainable produce set the tone for the evening in our Scandinavian designed restaurant. Meet up for dinner, have a drink in the bar area or relax. Whether you have had a relaxing day at the spa or are filled with impressions from one of our many bookable activities, we want you to enjoy a full arctic experience. 


The culinary team at Arctic Bath is led by Kristoffer Åström and Maarten De Wilde.

Kristoffer Åström has made a name for himself as “the Sámi chef” (samiska kocken) in Sweden, introducing Sámi flavours, produce and cooking techniques to a number of fine dining restaurants across the country. Since his early childhood, Sámi cuisine been an integral part of his life and was the inherent foundation to build upon when starting his career as a chef.

SPA & Wellness

Arctic Bath has a holistic approach to well-being. Make your way onto the water and into our spa and wellness facilities, inspired by the timber era. Let an open-air cold bath under the northern sky revitalize you from the inside out as you take in the surrounding elements. At Arctic Bath, our treatments focus on both the inside and outside. This is part of the four cornerstones of wellness: Proper Nutrition, Regular Exercise, Peace of Mind and Care of the Face and Body.


Want to add something to your stay? Why not take the chance to explore the arctic nature in more ways by booking one of our handpicked activities?

Spin fishing salmon/trout in beautiful River Luleå. Our professional fishing guide will show you how to catch the Baltics salmon or trout in one of the best rivers in Europe


Bear spotting in midnight sun. According to old folk tales, the bear awakens and leaves its den around Tiburtius Day in mid-April.

Horse Riding. A unique experience where you will discover our nature on the back of a horse. The tour will go through forests, swamps, lakes and ponds with professional guides to help you.