Aman Sveti Stefan Island


Philosophy & sustainability

A fortified island village, and a royal residence on the Adriatic Aman Sveti Stefan is a story in two parts. One is a beautifully preserved 15th-century fishing village on a fortified islet; the other, on the mainland, is the shore-side former summer home of the Queen Maria of Yugoslavia – a rustic retreat and a royal residence connected by an isthmus.


Aman Sveti Stefan is most easily reached from Tivat Airport (TIV) as well as from Podgorica (TGD) and Dubrovnik (DBV) airports.

Aman Sveti Stefan, located south of Budva, sits along Montenegro’s magnificent stretch of coastline and overlooks the Adriatic sea.


Aman Sveti Stefan is divided between Sveti Stefan island and Villa Milocer on the mainland. While the island and its facilities are open seasonally from 29 April to 14 October, Villa Milocer and the Aman Spa on the mainland remain open year-round.

Sveti Stefan Island. Cobbled lanes, shaded courtyards and 600-year-old red-tiled roofs connect the meticulously restored dwellings.


There are manifold restaurants and dining options available at Aman Sveti Stefan, both on Sveti Island and at Villa Milocer.

Arva restaurant. Spanning two-tiered terraces on Sveti Stefan Island, with a sea view from every table, Arva is a fine-dining experience inspired by the culinary heritage and convivial dining culture of Italy. 

SPA & Wellness

Looking out across the blue of the Adriatic, the green lawns of Villa Milocer, and the rose-gold sands of Queen’s Beach, the Aman Spa cultivates a sense of profound privacy and restorative calm. Treatments draw upon Montenegro’s age-old tradition of the wild harvest, drawing on more than 650 medicinal herbs. Wellness and Fitness at Aman Sveti Stefan.


Adventures and experiences at Aman Sveti Stefan. A ruggedly beautiful Adriatic coastline, interlaced with hidden coves and beaches and studded with ancient towns. Away from the sea, a wild mountain landscape of forested valleys, vineyards and vast lakes. From Aman Sveti Stefan, travellers have access to Unesco-preserved medieval heritage, authentic cultural and culinary experiences and all the breath-snatching adventure of one of Europe’s most naturally spectacular settings.


Pebble beaches, sandy shores. Aman Sveti Stefan’s trio of beaches provide idyllic settings for sunbathing and swimming in the warm clear waters of the Adriatic. The pink-pebble curve of Sveti Stefan Beach, set with sun loungers, spans 170 metres along the isthmus. On the mainland, beside Villa Milocer, King’s Beach is the largest; whereas the scalloped shores of Queen’s Beach – private to the resort – are set in seclusion beside an emerald lagoon, one of the most enchanting locations on Montenegro’s coast.