Sri Lanka

326 SriLanka

The smell of spices, rice fields and friendly monkeys

A trip to Sri Lanka and the Maldives

Sri Lanka will surprise you unexpectedly and will surprise you everywhere: the local market, where stalls are bursting with unseen fruit and national dishes, an ocean coast with dramatic waves, impudent monkeys, pulsating city life which is so colourful and alive. This country is full of emotions, colours and feelings. This is why everyone falls in love with it.


Day 1

A flight to Frankfurt, Germany. A night in the hotel in Frankfurt.  

Day 2

A flight from Frankfurt to Colombo  

Day 3

Colombo. A night in the city.  

Day 4

After breakfast you will be travelling to Anuradhapura – Sri Lanka’s oldest city of kings andthe holiest Buddhist place. You will admire Bo trees. They are growing 2200 years old.

Day 5

A trip to Sigiriya to visit the “Lion Rock” – the beautiful citadel that rises 200 meters above the jungle. You will climb up the stairs in a powerful Sigiriya rock – a fortress built by King Kassyapa in the fifth century. You will have a chance to admire the beautiful landscape and wonderful elephants at the end of the day.


Day 6

A trip to Sri Lanka’s archaeological treasure – Dabul. Dabul is a huge rock that the King Walagambahu turned into temple. This is one of Sri Lanka’s most amazing temples with unique walls, ceiling and wonderful frescoes depicting the life of Buddha. In the caves of the temple you can find more than 150 statues of Buddha. The journey continues to the old royal city of Polonnaruwa, where you will visit the medieval remains of the capital and take the Safari trip in the Minneriya National Park to witness wild elephants and leopards.

Day 7

After breakfast you will travel to the hilly capital of the kings of Sri Lanka – Kandy, to visit a museum of gems, arts centre and the old town of Kandy. We will take a trip around Kandy pond which was dammed in the year of 1806 by Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe, the last king of Sinhala. In the evening we will visit the Dalada Maligawa – Temple of the tooth of Buddha. This symbol of power is worshiped until today. In the evening we will be watching classical Kandy dances and the “Puja” ceremony.

Day 8

A trip to the Peradenia botanical garden, containing about 4,000 species of plants. We will visit the unique elephant shelter. Elephants have always been a major part of the culture of Sri Lanka. They were the most important helpers building cities, victorious soldiers and warriors. Even today elephants carry out the most difficult works.

Day 9

A trip to the heart of the tea country – Nuawara Elijah. While climbing into the mountains you will admire the changing nature and wonderful tea plantations. You will visit a Ceylon tea factory where you will witness the process of tea making and enjoy the true Ceylon tea. Afternoon will be dedicated to Nuwara Eila, also known as Little England. During the British colonial times, it was the first English Plantation resort with a mild mountain climate. Even the landscape here reminds of England. Nearby stands the tallest mountain in Sri Lanka – Pidurutalagala (2524 m.) and the Adam’s Peak – a pilgrim attraction.

Day 10

Recreation at the hotel on the sea shore.

Day 11

Recreation at the hotel on the sea shore. A flight to Maldives in the evening.  

Day 12-16

Recreation at the hotel on the sea shore or excursions around the city.

Day 17

Recreation at the hotel on the sea shore. A flight to Frankfurt in the evening.

Day 18

A flight from Frankfurt to Vilnius.


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