Because sand never melts!

What is Sandboarding?

Sandboarding is said to have originated in Egypt in the time of the Pharoahs where they slid down dunes on large pieces of wood. Now the sport has evolved with man kind over the centuries and although many countries take claim to originating it the first sandboarders were Egyption. Australia, America, Peru, Chili, Germany, France, Namibia and even Japan have really taken the sport to the next level with tours, competitions and places to rent in abundance. The rush of nature zipping by, trees, rock outcrops natural formations, fallen logs and the immersion in the natural environment as obstacles and interesting features make the rider feel a sense of being combined with nature yet with the fear of speed to bring about the rush that keeps sandboarders and leisurely sand sledders coming back for more. Sliding on sand you ride a board. You may sit, stand or lie down on a board which is usually made of wood or fibreglass but even metal carbon boards exist and then slide down a sand dune or mountain made of sand.

Sandboarding is a “sideways riding” sport like skateboarders who stand sideways on the board. So people who Surf, Skateboard, Snowboard and Wakeboard will be able to sandboard the same day they try.

Age, sex and skill level is not so much an issue for sandboarding as amateurs or pros can both find ways to enjoy it at all levels. Lastly one of the best things about Sandboarding is it isn’t as dangerous as other big mountain sports because even if you take a big fall, it’s just sand and quite soft, much softer than an icy trail.

Try sandboarding in Dubai on the highest sand dune (locally called “Big Red”), the Namibian desert, skiing with just shorts and a T-shirt or Vietnam, sliding more than 80km/h!

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