Everything you can imagine or dream fits into the word “Indonesia”

A trip to Indonesia

Indonesia – the world’s largest archipelago, with more than 17 thousand islands. Active and sleeping volcanoes, white and black sand beaches, the Muslim culture with various tribes and people that live in the mountains, jungles and cities of boiling life – this is Indonesia. It‘s one of the most fascinating countries in South East Asia that can offer all the desires of the most demanding travellers heart.

Day 1

Vilnius – Hong Kong – Denpasar

Arriving in Bali

Bali Island is only a small piece of one of the largest countries in the world – Indonesia, but it is the most visited tourist destination in Indonesia islands. Most often, it attracts wild tourism fans and adventure seekers. Bali is called: „thousand gods“, „thousand temples“, or just „the island of paradise“. Every visitor immediately realizes that they fell into “the other world”: exotic nature, culture and lifestyle. Bali is the only island in the largest Muslim country, where Hindu and Buddhist cultures intermingled. Everything here is obedient to the old traditions: Balinese houses that look like temples, where people live, pray and protect urns with the remains of their loved ones. Their outfit is the traditional skirt called Sargon. Everything is gorgeous: celebrations, burial ceremonies, business and lifestyle. Balinese people do not hide their traditions and rituals from the outsiders. Ubud Village is the art center of Bali island. Many famous local and foreign artists have founded galleries here.


Day 2

You will be traveling down the Ayung River. While relaxing in Ubud do not forget to visit the Sacred Monkey Forest. You will admire exotic plants, macaques, many sculptures and hidden Hindu temples. Religion is an integral part of Balinese culture. We recommend you to go visit at least a few of the temples. One of the most famous is the Tirta Empul Temple, famous for the holy water basin in which the people of Bali “purify”. Other temples, such as Pura Besakih, Goa Gajah (Côte cave), Pura Taman Saraswati, Ulun Danau Bratan and Gunung Kawi are also worth a visit. During your stay in Ubud town we recommend you to enjoy the Balinese dance. Legong – Barong dances are also very interesting: dancing to traditional songs while dressed in ornate costumes. Kecak fire and trance music dance drama, where the main performers are males, will definitely leave a good impression.

Day 3

Mount Agung or Gunung Agung is a mountain in Bali. This stratovolcano is the highest point on the island. It dominates the surrounding area, influencing the climate. The clouds come from the west and Agung takes their water so that the west is lush and green and the east dry and barren. The mountain is also known as the “mother of mountains”. Balinese believe that Gods live in the mountains and the demons in the ocean and therefore they are not bathing in it and advise others to do so. According to people of Bali, volcano protects against diseases. It’s still an active volcano and you can often see a white smoke. Agung is the most climbed peak in Indonesia.


Day 4

Flight to Labujan Bajo

5 hour sail to Komodo Island

In the center of south Indonesia there is a small archipelago, where the time seems to be stalled. Nature has reworded these islands with clear waters and fantastic beaches, underwater animal population and the most welcoming people. Komodo dragon is the biggest member of Varanus family. Four meters in length and 130 kilograms weighing giant lizard that can live for a hundred years may be referred as a real epic dragon. In the park territory the possibility to meet these creatures equals to possibility to meet a human being.

Day 5

After breakfast you will departure to Market Island. There are two local villages at the Market Island. Fishing is the main source of income. Vintage fishing techniques passed down from generation to generation. Living in these islands is not easy. Most of the locals die before their forties. They often need to deal with a hostile environment: toxic land and sea snakes, sharks, thousands of insects and of course – a Komodo dragon.


Day 6

Cruise in the wild archipelago continues. Archipelago covers an area of 415 square kilometers and consists of three large islands: Komodo, Market, Creature and many other small islands. During the cruise you will have an opportunity to dive into waters rich in more than 1,000 species of fish – this is one of the most abundant fish fauna habitats in the world. Dolphins and whales can be seen as they migrate through the archipelago of Komodo. By the way, there are many large sea turtles.

In the evening you will fly back to Bali.

Day 6-10

Recreation on the sea shore. bali5

Day 11

A flight to Honk Kong

Hong Kong is the futuristic city with the world’s most photographed panorama. But it’s not the only wonder that you will discover. Hong Kong is very bright, modern, multicultural, constantly pulsating never sleeping. It’s an incredible harmony of Eastern and Western cultures. Visit one of the most important centers of the world and see the rhythm of life that flows here! Hong Kong is home for 7 million people and today you will be one of them! You will enjoy one of the greatest gifts of Hong Kong – every night at eight o’clock a show called the ‘Symphony of Lights’ starts. It is included in the Guinness Book of world records as the world’s largest sound and light show, accompanied with pyrotechnic elements. The Star Avenue offers a breathtaking night panorama of Hong Kong. Believe me, it‘s amazing!

Day 12

We will be traveling to the mainland of Hong Kong by the most famous symbol of the city – the historic ferry that is transporting people for more than a century. This trip is included in the list of National Geographic’s 50 most impressive life experiences. By the oldest Asia’s funicular you will be taken up to the highest point in Hong Kong – the famous Victorian peak. There you‘ll see a breathtaking view – modern skyscrapers of Hong Kong, green parks and the mountains. From there we continue our trip to the southernmost district of Hong Kong called Aberdeen. This area is also famous for its great seafood restaurants. At night the city seems to be awake for the new life. A variety of the best restaurants, bars and night clubs and the famous night markets will definitely leave an impression. The most impressive place for fun is Lan Kwai Fong. In the alley of this part of central Hong Kong you will find many trendy bars, bistros, restaurants and nightclubs. If you are not disposed to have fun, you can calmly stroll down the quay, while admiring the city lights and bustle. By the way, Hong Kong is one of the safest cities in the world.

Day 13

Souvenir shopping, flight back home


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